Altfic Roundup

Relentless link copypasta in my ongoing altfic is becoming tedious. I shall henceforth keep episode links here and simply update and link this post. Relational databases, now in blog form!

Saga beginneth:
The Truth Shall Set You Free

On the peace of nuclear detonation:
Gentle Death

Twisted tales, lost morals:
It’s Better to Regret Something You Have Done Than to Regret Something You Haven’t Done

Via Angus meets rotten Chestertonian fence-wood:
That One Time I Met a Bull

Immigration under a festering sky:
Locke and Key

Will you speak up? Will you defend me?:
Ich Bin Ein Ausländer

Land of Sunshine

“There is, to the best of my knowledge, no single right and proper method to construct a gallows.”:
Toward a Model of Efficient Self-Governance

(The idiot is me):
Told by an Idiot

What’s the deal with Texas, anyway?:
Blood Zombies on Parade

Almost caught a break there:
Who Am I To Disagree?

What does an EMP have to do with a robber baron?:
Bang Bang

Odin wept:
Hávamál and the Golden Strand

The Cinnamon Challenge

A Boat, Floating Slaughters His Prey:
Paper Lotus

Grab What You Can:
Helter Skelter

Beware sincere turtles:

Something stirs:
Brigands and Bandits

We got… high hopes, we got high hopes. We got:
High Apple Pie in the sky hopes

Bark. Bark bark bark bark bark. Bark bark. Bark bark bark:

It’s just a dream, child:
The Seven Million Year Itch

The contents of a heart:

The Siouxie & The Banshees cover is better than the original:
Won’t You Come Out To Play?

What? Marriage is a storied institution, one that demands commitment:
Committed to an Institution

I can’t resist a pretty face:
Previous to His Career as a Prophet

Meow meow meow meow:
Deus ex Interstitio

Bike barf:
Canaries and Coalmines

Ab Incunabulis Ad Astra Per Pedes

Sticky Prohibition:
Bedroom Eyes

Girls, Girls, Girls

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