I Love [Sex Workers]

Adam Gurri threatened to kill my dog if I didn’t finally write a post. Knowing his penchant for quick and extreme violence, I knew I’d dilly-dally’ed long enough.


David Duke asks “Among us Sweet Talkers, what’s the general feeling about whores?” You can see my answer in the title. This post is really about putting a marker down to, first, keep my Fluffy safe from Adam’s anger, and, second, to lay out a rough outline on how I plan to answer this particular question and address what I see as the, inevitable, extended commentary.


Central Thesis: Sex work, in its many forms, is a prosocial institution.

The libertarian argument for sex work.

The public health argument for sex work.

The feminist argument for sex work.

The conservative argument for sex work.


To set some expectations: I don’t plan on writing long, complete treatises on the above but do plan on writing smaller morsels of an extended conversation to savor and chew over. I reserve the right to add more “The [X] argument for sex work” in the future. For better or worse(better), I feel this conversation, and its attendant tangents, will be my biggest contribution to our sweet, sexy musings here.