The Challenge

I have one thing to say to you @FlairEcon, and I’m not afraid to say it in public or in front of the whole world: you know I take it personally that you called me a Jabroni, that I’m all show and no potato. Well, you know that power sharing has been an arrangement since the beginning of time, usually to transition from ONE kind of regime into ANOTHER kind of regime.

If my bro Marcus ANTONY (may he rest in peace) hadn’t been seduced by that FLOOZY, that EMPIRE WRECKER, the serpent Cleopatra herself, the Triumverate could have worked. But she laid the smack down on him in the middle of the night. It wasn’t even a refereed CAGE MATCH! You know that! I know you wear sixteen championship belts. I know you polish them every day. I know that you gaze into their reflective buckles for hours at a time. But I also know that you BLEW into Dusty Rhodes’ eyes all that talcum powder. You really know how to BEAT the man, don’t you? That’s right. You know what I’m saying. The whole WORLD knows what I’m saying. That’s how you came to be known as…Nature Boy.

Marcus had the collateral, but he hocked it all at a pawn shop in Alexandria, which mysteriously burned down, surrounded by sniveling, weak, chicken-livered, yellow-bellied, CHILDREN that looked an awful lot like ASSOCIATES OF @FLAIRECON. That’s right. I’m not afraid of you. With Miss Linda Leading Indicator standing by my side, WE WILL TAKE YOU ON in the main event with a mystery PARTNER whenever you want, and wherever you want.

So if we can share power, why can’t we borrow power?

Adam Gurri, I’m sorry what I done to your nice blog.

Borrowing Power

The chief executive officer of the United States Federal Government has climbed atop the turnbuckle, threatening to “borrow power.” Half the crowd is in a frenzy at the sheer ridiculousness of the proposition, the other half is in a frenzy at the sheer possibilities of naked power.

It tickles, though, that in other contexts, we borrow. Can power be borrowed? Is there a collateral possible for borrowing power, like reputation or other powers? Or is repaying power with interest essentially always going to boil down to a folding chair planted across the face?


With some velocity, I should hope, for the sake of continuing kayfabe, and the whooping and the hollering.