Comment and Contribution Guidelines

The purpose of Sweet Talk is to foster respectful, enjoyable conversation. Given that Internet discussions frequently are neither respectful nor enjoyable, nor really conversations, we’ve got a few ground rules we’ll ask you to respect. We’ll ask, and if you don’t listen, your comments and your posts will be removed or not allowed through in the first place.

No guidelines can be exhaustive, so the list below is simply to give you an idea of the spirit we expect you to stick to.

  1. Conversation here is respectful. That means it is not insulting and it gives the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Comments should be on topic.
  3. Conversation, again, is the point. If we judge your comment or contribution to be nothing but a rant, or in some way soap-boxing rather than engaging in dialogue, it will be removed.
  4. We reserve the right to be arbitrary tyrants, acting on behalf of a dogmatic desire to cultivate continuous and fruitful conversations.

Remember: putting your position out in public is as easy as creating a or Blogger account, or saying it on some social media. Our goal is not to help people make their positions public. Our goal is to protect a certain tone and demeanor which are too easily abandoned in other corners of the web.